About us

Our network capacity

Our servers are located in our company datacenter SERVEREASY S.R.L. in Via Enrico Fermi 51 in Milan. We are directly interconnected to the main datacenter in Milan through 2 different paths to ensure redundancy. Each cabinet we own has 80gbit uplink, power supply and redundant network on remote power strips. Our autonomous system is: AS60798 We are also LIR on RIPE. Our network providers are the following: Telecom Italia Sparkle (100gbit) GTT (100gbit) Milan Internet Exchange (100gbit) MINAP Milan (40gbit) WINDTRE (20gbit) FiberTelecom (10gbit) Our current total backbone is 370gbit In addition we have a direct connection to Corero based remote DDoS protection with POP in Milan (so there are no ping increases) All servers are announced on our internal DDoS protection of 320gbit + Corero 4TB capacity..

Our Datacenter


ASR 9000


Each rack is equipped up to 80Gbit

Server Room

This is one of our server room